Who is Immune Health Systems, Inc.

We’re a small research organization on a ranch in Southwest Texas devoted to the development of natural immune products. The owner, Byron Donzis, began his research for a natural product that could be taken by mouth with no side-effects in the early 1980’s. His interest in children suffering from life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and the debilitating effects of their chemotherapy and radiation treatments, led him on a life-long quest to find a safe and effective product to improve their immune systems. 

Sunshine River Ranch
Hunt, Texas

The result is the development of Immune Health™ with Beta-1,3/1, 6-Glucan. Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan which has been shown to be the number one most potent immune enhancer in the world. Mr. Donzis and his associates at Immune Health Systems, Inc. have developed and purified this remarkable product called Immune Health™ with Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan, leading the way to completely natural immune enhancement. Mr. Donzis invented and holds the patent-pending on the new and improved Jet-Flo™ micronizing process.


Immune Health Systems, Inc.

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