What is NFEŽ (natural fruit extract)?






NFEŽ (natural fruit extract) is made by converting natural fruit seeds and pulp into a soluble bio-active material. This material is loaded with polyphenolic compounds, including quercitin, helperidin, campherol glycoside, neohelperidin, naringin, apigenin, rutinoside, poncirin, etc. The polyphenols themselves are unstable but are chemically converted into more stable substances that belong to a diverse class of products called quaternary ammonium compounds.

Some quaternary compounds, benzethonium chloride and benzalkonium chloride, for example, are used industrially as antimicrobials, but are toxic to animal life. The B vitamin choline is also a quaternary compound, but is non-toxic and even essential for maintaining healthy neurological function and fat metabolism.

NFEŽ (natural fruit extract), Chemical Description: Diphenol hydroxybenzene complex, features the best of both worlds: the quaternary compounds derived from natural fruit exhibit broad - spectrum antimicrobial activity, while evidencing none of the toxic side-effects of chemically-derived quaternaries.

NFEŽ (natural fruit extract) Production

Natural fruit pulp and seeds (the by-product of expeller-extracted natural fruit) are dried and ground into a fine powder. The powder is then dissolved in purified water and distilled to remove the fiber and pectin. This distilled slurry is spray-dried at low temperatures forming a concentrated fruit bioflavonoid powder. This concentrated powder is dissolved in vegetable glycerin and heated. Food grade ammonium chloride and ascorbic acid are added, and this mixture is heated under pressure. This material undergoes catalytic conversion using natural catalysts (including hydrochloric acid and natural enzymes). This slurry is cooled, filtered and treated with ultraviolet light. The amount of Ammonium Chloride remaining in the final product is between 15% and 19%. The amount of Ascorbic Acid remaining in the final product is between 25mg/g and 30mg/g. There is no residue of hydrochloric acid in the final product.


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