Immune Health products contain Beta Right™ brand beta 1-3/1-6 glucan

Immune Health™ Beta-1,3/1-6 Glucan
with Colostrum

Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan takes a non-specific path to the immune system by activating the macrophage cells. Macrophage cells are powerful, engulfing cells which serve as the alarm to the immune system. By increasing the activity of the macrophage cells, the immune system is thereby made stronger and better able to fight off infection from foreign invaders.

  • Colostrum is the very special fluid secreted from the breast of female mammals at the time they give birth. Colostrum is very rich in proteins specifically immune proteins. In nature, the newborn’s immune system is not yet fully functioning. Colostrum is essential in giving the immune system a "kick start".

  • Colostrum is a logical whole food supplement for an individual with a compromised immune system.
  • Colostrum has been proven effective against a variety of diseases including diarrhea and various gastrointestinal problems, wards off and defends against infections/antigens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) There are many vitamins in high concentration along with rich sources of minerals in colostrum. As a oral supplement it is small enough to be absorbed through the digestive system.
  • Our colostrum is a pure and natural product collected from selected herds and control processed under the (GMP) good manufacturing practices of the USDA for a biological ingredient.


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